Orange Juice – Use but don’t abuse

Orange juice is a confusing product when it comes to leading a healthy diet. Many believe it is a fruit juice so it ‘has to be healthy’ , therefore often making it over used to their own detriment.

Fresh orange juice is packed full of different vitamins that contribute to your vital functions. It is high in Vitamin C which, when consumed often, has been argued to help reduce the duration of the common cold as well as the severity. It has also been seen to help reduce the effects of stress as well as the ageing of the skin. It also contains potassium which helps to decrease blood pressure as well as contributing to the reduced risk of a stroke. Another benefit of the bright spherical fruit we have come to know and love is that it helps to prevent cancer due to it containing D-limonene. This helps specifically against skin, breast, mouth, colon and lung cancer. However, this is usually found within the peel of the orange rather than the juice. Some more minor benefits is that regular intake helps to prevent ulcers as well as kidney stones whilst stimulating the digestive system.

However, there are arguments against the popular morning beverage. Due to the high sugar content orange juice has, large amounts can have adverse effects on the body. Orange juice can essentially be considered to be a condensed glass of sugar all taking in one shot. This can cause the body to produce large amounts of energy which then can later lead to a crash, seriously effecting your mood and energy. As well as this, due to the acidic nature of the orange it can affect your teeth causing significant erosion.


Now to what can be considered to most important point is the fact that it contains fructose. This is a component in added sugar and has to be metabolised by the liver and if it becomes overloaded then it stores the excess as fat. This can contribute to belly fat which can often be hard to lose once it is there.

Overall, orange juice can be a great part of healthy living due to its many health benefits however it should be consumed in small doses in order to not overload the body in one go.fresh-orange-juice-squeezed-refreshing-citrus-158053.jpeg

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  1. Really helpful, thank you!


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