Salmon : Bland or Brilliant?

Salmon can often be avoided by the common person maybe due to its ‘Fish’ tag as well as its association with being boring. However, there is more to salmon than most people think.

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A 100 grams of salmon contains a whopping 25 grams of protein! This helps in the repair and growth of muscle tissue and plays a vital role in anyone looking to pack of the pounds of muscle to reach their dream physique. Not only this but this source of protein helps to keep our hair healthy and hold onto it for longer!

That’s a money-saving technique for wigs!

Now while it is well-documented among fitness fanatics for its high protein content it may be more unknown that it contains Omega-3 fats. These naturally are found within fish oil which help to support brain function as well as heart and joints too! Omega-3 is considered to be an essential fatty acid as the body cannot synthesise it. Therefore, it must be consumed within your diet. It is recommended that people should aim to eat fish at least twice a week and one of them being an oily fish. This brings us back to the glorious salmon being a prime example of this.

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So salmon is around 15% fat but we’re told to eat it twice a week?

Well, yes. Whilst salmon does contain around 15 grams of fat per 100 grams it is still encouraged as a ‘healthy’ food source. This is again down to its Omega-3 ‘brain food’ tag but can also be put down to the facts. Fat is still an essential macronutrient for the body meaning it needs fairly large amounts of it compared to other vitamins and micronutrients.

Now most people who have tried salmon can tell you that it’s definitely not the most exciting thing to eat. However, I believe salmon is one of the more under-utilised protein sources especially when it comes to people within their ‘bulking’ phase meaning they want to put on weight. Eating endless amounts of chicken can become tedious and almost a chore when it’s included in 3 of your 6 meals a day. By throwing salmon into the mix it gives you a change of taste and can help to freshen up your meal plans. The beauty of salmon is that ou can a variety of things with it from: barbecuing to poaching it or even grilling it. This results in different meals consistently and allows for you to fit your macros too!

Although some may argue that the price of salmon is high and unsustainable for everyday you can always substitute it for chicken when needed but use it as an option so that your monday night dinners don’t become mundane.

Overall, salmon should be seen as a brilliant choice and healthy option to pack in protein and some essential brain food that can be combined with things like parsley sauce or curry paste to give it that extra flavour boost!

Verdict: Brilliant

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