My Top 5 : Shoulder Exercises

If you want to build the complete physique, shoulders are an easy way to look bigger and better.


I was once a hater of the day I had to do shoulders each week and often did not put my all into it. This was until I began to look in the mirror and realise my shoulders were quite flat and unimpressive whilst the rest of my body was beginning to progress. This is where I realised I must do more to catch them up.

5. Front lateral raises

Front lateral raises are a basic must in a shoulder exercise routine and must be performed with good form at all times in order to make it pay off. Many people can go too heavy with this and then begin swinging their back which doesn’t help to isolate your shoulders whilst also, potentially, damaging your back. This can be supersetted with regular lateral raises to cover your middle and front delts, mainly.

4. Face Pulls

This one begins to work your rear delts, a muscle that easily goes missing when developing your triceps too much without any work on the rear delt alongside it. Developing this muscle will help you too really fill out those shirts and look much more defined. You can perform this by adjusting the cables to your upper chest height and using the rope attachment. Then use each hand on either side of the rope (overhand) and pull it towards your face. This should be perfected at low weight before beginning to progress onto higher weight.

3. Upright barbell row

This is a great exercise to begin pushing onto higher weight with, potentially, lower reps. This exercise uses your traps alongside your delts but mainly looks to work your delts. This exercise is good to use after a rear delt exercise as your front and middle delt has been rested for a substantial period. On this exercise you want to bring the barbell up to your chin, bring your elbows so they are straight and in line with your shoulders. Be cautious not to use your back in any way to give you leverage.

2. Military Press

Military press looks to use all of the parts of your shoulders in this and requires great form to assure that you will not injure yourself. This incorporates the movement of the upright barbell row to then convert into overhead press position, bringing it back down to just below your waist each time. This will test you’re overall shoulder strength as it uses all muscles in stabilisation and contraction to provide the movement. This exercise can be used as a very light warm up before a big shoulder session or later on in your development to provide a stern test.

1. Arnold Press

Probably the go-to exercise for all shoulder builders in the gym as this one has been inspired by an icon of bodybuilding. For anyone who has been living under a rock it’s Arnold Schawrzenegger. Whilst it is argued that this can cause damage to your shoulder joint, this shoulder exercise has been a part of my routine for forever and a day so I have to list it as my top one! This works all three parts of the shoulder and help to add hefty width to your frame.




5 thoughts on “My Top 5 : Shoulder Exercises

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    1. Hi Sung, thanks so much we really are glad to hear this.

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  2. Howdy! This post couldn’t be written any better! Reading this post reminds me of my previous room mate! He always kept talking about this. I will forward this page to him. Fairly certain he will have a good read. Many thanks for sharing!


    1. Great to hear this Steven!
      Feel free to forward any of our posts onto people who you think may like them!


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