What to eat post-workout

So I’ve just finished my workout and now I’m starving – what should I eat? This is the age old question and here I’m going to give you a basic guide on what you need to eat after a hard day at the ‘jungle of iron’.

First of all think about what your aim is

This is necessary in the sense of needing to know what you are eating and why you are eating it. So, what are you doing – cutting or bulking? If you are not sure what is going on and suddenly are maybe questioning yourself then feel free to check out my blog on Bulking or Cutting? – How to know which way you should go and then come back to this later.

After a workout, during a bulking period, you’re going to want to consume lots of carbohydrates – and fast! During a workout you deplete your muscle’s glycogen levels which is basically glucose when it is stored in the body. Carbs will help to replenish this especially if they are considered to be high-glycemic carbohydrates. ( These are basically fast acting carbs to help replenish quicker).

But wait – why the big rush?

Well right after a workout is thought to be the most crucial in consuming carbs in a beneficial way. This is as your muscles will be able to be replenished quickly as well as the glucose giving you that quick boost you need after a vigorous workout. Also, remember that your body will be looking to use the glucose for your muscle replenishment rather than storing it as fat which is crucial for keeping yourself in shape.


Now what to actually chow down on

Great ideas are often the most basic ones. here’s a few of my recommended meals.

– Quick side note! Please be mindful that these are only my recommendations and are not always the most perfect nutritionally balanced meals –

Simply does it and quick to prepare : 

Peanut Butter on toast – This one is an old favourite and is good for hitting both aspects of replenishing muscles whilst repairing and helping for their growth too! The bread hits a big amount of carbs and white bread will be preferable in order to hit the high-glycemic marker. The peanut butter is going to help with providing your body with protein in the hope for those big gains! Make sure you buy a high protein content peanut butter in order to maximise it’s effectiveness for those post workout meals!

Bacon – This is easy to throw in the frying pan and let sizzle whilst you prepare sides to go along with it. This may come as a surprise option however bacon can be high in protein and tasty too! Just as long as you observe the nutritional info on the packaging before you choose which to buy.

Leaner alternative? Turkey Bacon! – This a great alternative to your traditional bacon and comes with a low calorie content and often higher in protein. This can be seen as a ‘cutting’ option although can go great in a bulking diet also.

High carbohydrate mass gainer protein shake – By no means would I ever recommend you replace meals with protein shakes or supplements but I do think that they can be great for a quick on the go source that can be before you manage to get somewhere that you can fully prep a good meal.

Pre-prepped Chicken and pesto pasta/quinoa – This one is great for those of you that love prepping your meals for a whole week and can often be taken on the go in Tupperware.

Finally : Author’s favourite


As an avid lover of the Full English Breakfast I love to change it up and sub in 4 rashers of turkey bacon instead of your traditional bacon to provide a higher amount of protein for that crucial muscle building process. The beans and three scrambled eggs are great side additions of protein whilst giving a variations in taste and textures for you to enjoy. I often have a couple slices of white toast alongside this post-workout to rejuvenate my muscles’ glycogen levels quickly.

Quick tip – For those of you that detest the plain taste of scrambled eggs you may consider adding oregano alongside your traditional salt and pepper seasoning in order to get a different undertone that makes the meal more interesting!

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