Why the fitness industry must change

The fitness industry is probably one of the most crowded and misguided industries right now. Due to the large scale desire to get ‘washboard’ abs and a sick set of guns in modern times, the fitness industry has sky-rocketed.

Now this isn’t a completely bad thing.


Well for simple reasons, more people caring about their physical health and well-being is a very positive factor that has come into play! With an increase in the general care about what you eat and drink and how (in broad terms) this effects you, more people are making positive choices and becoming healthier and fitter.

But then…

There’s the other side.

Online platforms come with a plethora of information hurtling at you at 100mph with no let up. Some very good. Some very very bad! For the most part it is impossible to tell which advice is good and which is useless and often incorrect information. And this is dangerous. Quick schemes and diets don’t work. That should be the belief that is spread all over the industry. To get healthy and stay healthy or fit or have a good body (whatever your goal is) you need to go to a professional and get the correct advice and be consistent with your routine and make it a habit. Once your physical fitness becomes a habit, you have near enough cracked it. Because by this point you don’t even really need to force yourself to stay healthy.

Now, not everyone can afford often pricey fitness professionals. Yes. This is very true. Which leads to people listening to unqualified, often social media based, people that spout untrustworthy ‘answers’ to the everyday person’s fitness questions.

The fitness industry needs to stop glorifying these people that aren’t qualified or have the pedigree of someone who has genuinely been there and done that and need to champion the real fountains of knowledge. Those who have worked hard to learn their trade and genuinely understand what they are talking about.

Is there an obvious answer?


Not really. To put it frankly. But there are some suggestions that are worth listening to. An easy one would be for social media platforms to give some sort of verification to health and fitness professionals. Like the verification tick for celebrities. It would be a simple way for people to make more informed choices on what information they choose to absorb and utilise. Yes they can list their qualifications and accreditations in their bio, but this doesn’t bring as much weight as the official, platform endorsed tick.

Someone who is a big example of a genuine individual who oozes fitness knowledge is Ross Edgley. A man who has a degree from Loughborough University’s school of Sport and Exercise Science and has written books based on training. And having seen his work myself, I can say he definitely doesn’t spew nonsense. He gives facts backed by science. He has less followers than many fitness social media presences but has an infinite amount more knowledge than them. Now you can argue that perhaps his sole aim isn’t to build a massive following and he more focused on other things which may be correct. But he’s just one example of probably many people who have great information but no one listens to.

I believe it would be massively beneficial for these people to be properly and clearly verified on social media platforms as often this is what young people listen to and become influenced by.

This is not to say that is the be all and end all and I by no means have all the answers. But something should be done by the more powerful figures who can change the fitness industry for the better. And then maybe we can begin to see less SUPER FAST FAT BURNING PILLS and more rich knowledge to enhance everyone’s physical and mental well-being.

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