How to bench press properly : A quickfire guide

Premium exercises : The Bench Press

The bench press is a staple of the gym regime for any person. It is a compound exercise, meaning it uses multiple muscle groups, which instantly upgrades this exercise into the upper echelon of beneficial gym exercises. It is an absolute must and therefore to help you understand why we are going to give you an insight and quickfire education on……The Bench Press.

A brief history

The bench press we all love and know today according to vague records has slowly developed from a ‘Pullover and Press’ that was performed whilst flat on the ground. The pullover stems from the movement of bringing the barbell over the head to the chest region from being on the floor behind you. Over the years this developed and what is believed to be around the 30s is when the bench came into play!
The current raw bench press world record is held by Julius Maddox at a whopping 335.5kg!
That’s like lifting 2 panda bears!

What are you using?

The prime mover is of course the star of the show : The PECTORALIS MAJOR!
The other muscles still considered primer movers but in a more supportive role are the : Triceps and the Anterior Deltoid.
There is big debate about the Lats role in the improvement of the bench press however it is arguably not essential to worry about this and is a conversation for another day.

The Technique

The correct technique with a bit of practice is fairly simple.
Setup : Place feet firmly on the floor with a comfortable spacing and make sure your head is not hanging off the edge and is comfortable.
Step 1 : Bring the bar off of the rack and line up with your lower armpit area.         Step 2 : Lower down and touch chest area leading with your elbows. [Keeping forearms vertical]
Step 3 : Then drive arms straight back up, squeezing chest and avoid hyperextending the arms.
Step 4 : Repeat desired number of repetitions and then return to rack.

Now you’re ready to go and utilise this premium exercise safely and efficiently!

Let us know your biggest bench below!

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