Proactive and reactive eating : How to improve your workout and eating regime

Eating is often referred to as the crucial element of a weight loss journey or muscle building regime and to be honest, it is. You can go back to the gym day after day and hammer away at the treadmill and yes you will see improvements but nowhere near as efficiently as when you have a well thought-out nutritious set of meals planned out.

Often throughout the day we find ourselves eating and not-eating based on whether our stomachs are grumbling at us. But this can be misrepresentative. The big example is waking up, not feeling too hungry so deciding not to eat. Not even a simple bit of jam on toast. Then 2 hours later we still haven’t eaten and begin to feel that low lethargic feeling.

This is where the phrases proactive and reactive eating crops up. Now while I don’t claim for this to be an exact science nor do I say I am the only person out there with this process of thought.

So what do I mean by proactive and reactive eating?

Reactive eating is often what we all do. We feel hungry, we eat what we feel like. Now while it is good to not overeat when we aren’t hungry and just in fact bored, it is also important to recognise the demands that certain activities will place on our body’s energy supply.

So for those of us that are on a demanding gym regime it is important that we plan ahead and eat something that will give us the correct energy supply to carry out the designated exercise. This is where we must introduce – proactive eating.

Proactive eating is waking up and instead of having a tea and biscuit and then flying straight into a big hitting gym session and gassing out midway through which then hampers your ability and performance to such as degree that actually you haven’t really done what you had set out to, you have a bowl of porridge and a banana because that is what will get you through.

Alongside this, proactive post workout meals are important too. It is good to get some protein in (obviously you don’t need to have that message rammed down your throats more than it currently is) as well as some carbs to replenish your glycogen stores.

By doing this you will eventually see and feel the improvements in your performance and physical appearance as your body is now fully getting what it needs and recuperating properly.


It is fundamental that you think properly about what it is you are going to eat if you are serious about seeing improvements with your exercise routine and potentially even set out weekly plans to avoid hassle.

Tell us what your favourite pre-workout meal is in the comments below!

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