Easy swaps you can make to improve your daily diet – Part 1

Anytime is a good time to make changes to your diet as they can help you in the long term.

In this article we will be taken a quick, broken down look at easy swaps and how they can benefit you. Hopefully, this will be informative and help encourage you and others to make these changes.

Turkey bacon : We’ve mentioned this as a great alternative in previous articles however we needed to throw this one in right away as its an old favourite and so any new readers can be made aware. For this we will compare the nutritional value of turkey bacon and regular bacon (both smoked) from Tesco.

The regular bacon that you’re probably currently using has 7.6g of fat per 2 rashers (2.5g being saturates). It also boasts a big 108 calories for your two rashers on your breakfast plate. Though it does have 9.7g of protein per 2 rashers, it doesn’t seem a great ratio when compared to its fat content.

The turkey bacon that you’re about to switch to has 0.9g of fat per 2 rashers and only 0.3g of this is saturates beating the regular bacon by a country mile. On the calorie front turkey bacon again beats regular bacon with 27 less calories at 81 calories per 2 rashers. The protein content is where the turkey bacon really comes into its own. It has 17.2g of protein per 2 rashers! Quite the protein addition to your diet in two tasty slices.

An additional bonus is that they are around the same price per pack!

Protein spread :  Now as the large majority of the population love a big extra helping of nutella [other brands are available]. And if you don’t then why not?!? But back on topic, Grenade protein have their unbelievably chocolatey protein spread that is the ultimate sub when it comes to getting your not-so-nutella fix! As well as this it is a great way to vastly help reduce your sugar and supplement your protein intake.

We’ll take a look at regular home brand Tesco chocolate spread (as we’re not out to attack Nutella personally)  VS Grenade chocolate protein spread.

On the calorie front Grenade beats out Tesco with 172 calories per 33g compared to Tesco’s 189 calories per 33g serving. Then we look down the label to the sugar which is an almighty triumph for Grenade who have only 1.8g of sugars per 33g. In the opposition corner Tesco has lower than expected but still appalling 16g of sugars per 33g. And last on our checklist, the protein content. Grenade has a moderate display of 7g of protein per 33g which is a nice booster to your intake. Comparing this to Tesco is slightly unfair in regards to the fact they are not claiming to be a protein product but hey this is about swaps for our diets, not who can make the best protein product. Tesco shows a small 1.2g of protein per 33g.

Now the only drawback is that Grenade protein spread is £6.99 a jar which can be considered a tad price heavy. Especially when it compares to the £1.50 that a jar of the Tesco chocolate spread!

But overall we say that it would be worth the swap!

Chicken sausages :  This goes hand in hand with your turkey bacon. Now whilst this can make meals a bit poultry heavy we absolutely love this swap! There are a few different versions of this but the ones we will be comparing is the Heck chicken sausages against their very own pork variety!

We’ll start with the calories! Now per 2 pork sausages you’ll be getting a whopping 338 calories, when grilled. Compared to the chicken sausages for 2 of these you’re only getting 76 calories! This is quite the leap in calories and such an easy swap for your full english. If we now take a look at the fat content, as you may have guessed the fat content is much higher with 25g of fat per 2 compared to 2.3g of fat per 2 chicken. This is what then outweighs the fact that the pork sausages beat the chicken sausages with 23.8g of protein per 2 compared to the 12.9g of protein per 2 of the chicken sausages. This does hurt us in admitting defeat on the protein stat especially! But when you weigh this up compared to the massive calorie and fat drop when switching over to the chicken!

So we say that this is well worth the swap! Imagine the combination of turkey bacon and chicken sausages in your Full English and the calorie drop you could make!

We’ll continue this on into a part 2 in a few weeks time

Anything you want us to weigh up or have you got any super swaps?

Let us know in the comments below!

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