Choco-Protein Porridge

This is a beast’s bowl to kick-off the morning right! Use this recipe to transform your plain porridge or typical jam variation into this ultimate fuel.

What you’ll need : 

Plain porridge sachet (usually 33g packet)

Chocolate protein spread (recommended to use Grenade spread) – if not then a low sugar option

Flax seeds

Flaked Almonds

Walnut pieces


1 banana

Milk (recommended semi-skimmed but any to taste)

How to do it : 

  1. Empty your porridge sachet into a bowl
  2.  Fill empty sachet with milk to guided line then add to bowl
  3.  Microwave porridge to desired consistency (usually around 1 minute 30 seconds to about 2 minutes)
  4.  Take out and add a tablespoon of your chosen chocolatey spread to your porridge and stir in till completely mixed (can be more on less dependent on choco desires)
  5.  Sprinkle in flax seeds and flaked almonds and then top with walnut pieces
  6.  Slice up a banana into thin circles and add into the bowl.
  7.  Now drizzle honey across the top (can sub this for golden syrup on a cheat day!)

Remove the honey, flaked almonds and walnut pieces to reduce the calories and fat content of this recipe, specifically when on the end phase of a cutting cycle!

Got any creative recipes you’d like to share? Contact us and you could feature in our next recipe spotlight!

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