How to squat properly : A quickfire guide

Premium Exercises : The Squat

The squat. Another on the list of absolute must have exercises in your programme. However it is an often ignored exercise as many are not fussed with their leg appearance and are trying to build their chest and arms. But this is a genuinely important movement to develop and help to build your all-round muscle arsenal or to help progress that peach!

So here is your quickfire education on : THE SQUAT

A brief history

It was around the early 1900s that what we know and love (or hate) as the squat, was officially introduced but by the name of the ‘Deep Knee Bend’. Wonder why that didn’t stick? This was performed in a much different variation that was not efficient. As time went on, many variations were performed and arguably none more famous that the Silver Dollar Squat. This was performed by Paul Anderson and involved two boxes at each end of the bar essentially filled with silver dollars. Now while disputed for the actual weight, there is no arguing the fact that Paul Anderson was a massively strong man and the weight would have been far beyond what any of us will reach.

The current raw world record squat sits at a gargantuan 525kg! That’s the same as lifting 3 reindeer!

So what are you using?

When performing this movement you are using :

  • Quadriceps
  • Hamstrings
  • Glutes

Your abs will also isometrically be involved too!

The Technique


Line the barbell up so it sits across your yoke. (These are the muscles in your upper back and the rear of your shoulders). This gives it proper stability whilst also being across your shoulders. Ensure it is not going to slip off your back or is too high up and putting pressure on your neck.

Setup so you have your hands at a comfortable distance on the bar so you have a good control of it to help keep it stable and so your spine does not round.

Then keep your feet around 1.5 times the distance of your hip width, either facing forward or slightly outward based on preference.


Step 1 : Once you’ve stepped back from the rack with the bar, consciously look to keep your abs stable and upright.

Step 2 : Begin to lower down, squatting, bending your knees and hips whilst maintaining a neutral back.

Step 3 : Lower down till thighs about parallel with the ground. This gives you an idea of what depth you are looking for.

Step 4 : Now look to explode up,pushing through your heels, making sure your knees don’t wobble or buckle.

Tips – Keep you head in line with your spine throughout the movement.

Now you’re ready to go and utilise this premium exercise safely and efficiently!

Let us know your biggest squat in the comments below!

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