How to spend your time valuably during isolation

Right now we’re in a very strange place and with everything that’s happening we thought it would be a good time to give you some ideas on how to spend your time whilst being indoors for an indefinite amount of time.

1. Structure your days

This is the best place to start and probably something that will make you feel better instantly! Now whilst it is tempting to sleep in till noon and make a bacon sarnie and sit binge watching Netflix all day, this will soon make you feel terrible. We also consider that there are people out there with extremely demanding jobs that actually feel this isolation is a nice break. So if this is you, then why not give yourself a few days to catch up on those valuable Zzzs before implementing these changes.

Set out a plan and what you want to spend your time doing. It can often be better to do little chunks of work/exercise each day before doing whatever you enjoy. This can put your mind at ease and make you feel much better about yourself. Also by the end of the week you’ll have a bigger, main goal completed.

2. Set the time you wake up

Put in place a time you should wake up each day. This will help your body clock to stay in a consistent cycle and not feel to overwhelmed by the changes from your normal working week. This could be 6, 8 or 10. Either way you’ll feel much better about being consistent and starting your day productively.

If you feel like it, set a slightly later time on the weekends to give yourself a treat. Even and additional half hour will make you notice the difference and feel some small luxury.

3. Write a to-do-list

Write yourself some small things to get done each day. Doing this will help organise what that specific day is set-up for. This will help increase your productivity as it will help your mind to focus.

4. Treat yourself

Once you’ve completed your tasks, sit down and stick your feet up to watch your favourite programme. This will help you subconsciously associate being productive with being rewarded afterwards. So the next day when you really can’t be bothered to do that 40 minute workout, you can think of how good it will feel when you’re scrolling through Netflix with your dinner later.

5. Read

We know, very very cliché! But everyone always says when you ask them what they wish they would do more or what their new years resolution is going to be “I should read more”.

So get a few books and set yourself a target each day to get done. For example 20 pages. This can often help you to reduce your screen time and give little bit of mental clearance/focus for your brain. It can be good to start your day with reading before moving on to check your phone or emails.

Here’s a few that interest us :

  • The world’s fittest book – Ross Edgley
  • Not a diet book – James Smith
  • Strongman – Eddie Hall
  • Behind the mask – Tyson Fury
  • Arsene Wenger the authorised biography – Xavier Rivoire
  • Outside the box : A statistical journey through the history of football – Duncan Alexander

6. Exercise

This one’s simple. Set aside 30 minutes to an hour each day to do some exercise. This will help you to not pack those pounds on and undo all the good work you’ve done since the new year! Right now there is a massive surplus of people streaming free live sessions to guide you through what you need to do making it easy to get something done each day.

Exercise is often associated with dopamine release to help improve your mood! This will help you keep feeling good despite being stuck indoors.

What are you doing with your time?

Let us know in the comments below!

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