Top 5 exercises to include in your home workout

Whilst we all should be staying at home right now, there’s nothing saying you shouldn’t be getting your exercise in with a good old fashioned home workout! Here we will be detailing our Top 5 exercises you can do in your front room.

5. The Plank

Ah the plank. The one we hate the most. But some exercises have to be a love hate relationship really. The ones you know are really good but just don’t really enjoy any of it! This ab building move has often been argued to be better at building those washboards due to its isometric contraction that helps develop your muscles and work them hard without moving a whole lot!

These can be hard to master as you want to have your head spine and ankles all flowing in one nice line to keep good form and maximise the efforts! However, after you do become a fanatic of the exercise you’ll soon reap the rewards. Set your timer for 30 seconds and try to hold the move. This will start you off low to see where you are. Then refer back to our good old friend progressive overload and begin to up the time to see more improvements.

4. The Split Squat

Again. Another one we love to hate! This is vastly different from your everyday squat that (bodyweight wise) will get easy fairly quickly. Now this one may be slightly unfamiliar to some so I’ll explain how to get yourself going.

  • Step 1 : Take one leg and place it in front of you.
  • Step 2 : Take your other and place it behind you (so your in almost a lunge position).
  • Step 3 : Lower yourself down till your upper leg is close to parallel to the floor.
  • Step 4 : Contract your muscles to drive yourself back up.
  • Step 5 : Repeat this on your other leg.

This will really make you feel sore the next day! But in a good way.

This exercise will help build not only some element of balance but also your quads, and glutes too. Your hamstrings will also be used to stabilise yourself on the eccentric portion of the movement.

3. Swimmers

Now we know you’re thinking this sounds a tad strange but forgive us for often using our own nicknames for the exercise we use. These are often called ‘Flutter Kicks’ so don’t get this confused with the lower back exercise!

This one will help activate those lower abs to help build that V. Keeping this it a low range of motion will also activate the hip flexors slightly too!

2. Press Ups

Now who would we be without mentioning the typical press up! We simply had to throw this in there to include a big chest building exercise. There are a few variations of this you can use to change it up a bit so we’ll help you understand these options below.

The decline : You can do this by putting your feet up on the sofa and pressing up off the floor. So your feet are higher than your hands. This will help blast your upper chest and shoulders more than the standard form.

The incline : You can do this by putting your hands up onto the coffee table and keeping your feet on the ground. This will activate the triceps slightly more but will also help to target your lower chest and help it pop more.

The triangle : This is quite an advanced technique and will be a lot more tricky to get used to. Get in the normal press up position but place your hands so they form a triangle with your two thumbs meeting. This is harder as it is very triceps heavy so will take some focus away from your chest.

1. Burpees

The ultimate home cardio tester! This one will have you sweating just thinking about it.

This exercise requires explosive movement combined with endurance as you set a target number to do or set out to complete as many as you can in a given time. This will help you to raise your heart rate and keep it there to help improve you cardiovascular endurance as well as toning up muscle in your legs!

So there we have it. 5 exercises you should definitely incorporate into your home workouts and test yourself against.

What’s your favourite home exercise?

Let us know below!

3 thoughts on “Top 5 exercises to include in your home workout

  1. Can be done anywhere, easy and effective.

    Thanks for sharing!


    1. Thanks for the feedback Brandon!

      Feel free to share our content with family and friends


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