Why Eddie Hall could be the strongest man we ever see

He’s not only changed the landscape of British strongman forever but also changed it for the entire world.

The Beast ready to make hundreds of kilos look like a couple of bags of shopping

Eddie Hall. A man from Stoke-on-Trent who went and accomplished what no one else has been able to match. The 500kg deadlift. This lift as admitted by Eddie himself took extreme mental and physical work, all whilst prepping for various other strongman events too. He put out to the strongman world that he would do the unthinkable and deadlift half a ton with many to laugh in his face. This seems to be the trend when big claims are made in life. So now he has gone and done it, who else could match up and get near or over this?

Well as a big admirer of Brian Shaw, 4 times World’s Strongest Man and all-round goliath, it would be hard not to consider him. However when you look at it closely with Brian closing in on 40 years old it would be hard to imagine him dedicating time to conquer this. But. And there is always a but. Shaw has made it clear he intends to level the record for winning WSM which currently stands at 5. This record being held by Mariusz Pudzianowski. And in all honesty it wouldn’t surprise anyone to see Shaw do so and go on for the 6th title. So is he really going to go for the deadlift world record, with a hamstring injury that has flared up multiple times since a big tear some time last year? We say, never say never….but it’s unlikely he’ll try.

Who else? Thor perhaps. Possibly Shaw’s biggest threat to conquering the WSM record wins is The Mountain himself could go for the 501kg. And really it wouldn’t be way out of his realm as Eddie has admitted himself. But with claims made previously by Thor that the elephant bar may even be harder than the standard deadlift (which we believe to be hokum) maybe he believes he actually can’t do it and if that’s the case then he has no chance!

Benedikt Magnusson deserves a mention. A man that has always been known as a brilliant deadlifter, attempted the 500kg on the same day as Eddie but was unsuccessful. Now this could be a massive mental block for him having failed once and with a few injuries of late we may never see him back to attempt it.

Now there are many many other strongmen out there who could be worth a mention but we haven’t got time to run through all of them!

Back to The Beast

Now he should not and will not be only known for his magnificent deadlift achievement but also for the ultimate title within the strongman game. The World’s Strongest Man. As he describes it, the most alpha title on the planet. Which we have to agree with. Now people will argue ‘Oh he’s only won one title’, which we reply with – yes he did. But lets look at the facts. WSM 2016 (a year before his win) Eddie battled through dislocated fingers and in 4 of the 6 events finished in the top three, two of these coming joint first and the another finishing in the top 4. Imagine him with a fully mobile hand! Then the year after his win he did not defend due to retiring on the spot of him winning.

This was an admirable thing to do as we believe he probably would’ve went on to successfully defend the title. But he has said himself he wanted to spend time with his family and be a dad who is always there. There is no better reason to retire than that and to retire on top. Along with this, Hall breathed new life into the strongman game and certainly positively impacted the British scene too.

Talking of Britain, how many Britain’s Strongest Man titles has he won?

Well, 5 consecutive titles. In a country with arguably the most competitive domestic title due to the sheer scale of quality British strongman. The likes of Mark Felix, The Stoltmans, Graham Hicks and Adam Bishop to name a few.

Now here’s some other record worth mentioning :

  • Axle Press World Record – 216kg
  • Log lift Personal Record – 213kg
  • 265kg bench press for 6 reps (we’re not currently sure what his max for 1 rep is)
  • Squat Personal Record – 405kg

So when you put it all into perspective, Eddie Hall is most likely the strongest man we will ever see across the board.

What’s your opinion? Who is the strongest man ever to live?

Let us know below!

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