Dear people : It’s okay to treat yourself

Once you master the art of treating yourself you’ll understand why you never want to obsessively diet again

Dieting is quite possibly the most talked about topic within the health and food industry. There are more quick-fix and ‘phenomenal’ diets in magazines that claim to have the secret hint and tip to reel you in. Now they aren’t reeling you in so you can finally understand the key point to fat loss and revolutionise the way you live and what you eat. No. They want you to pick the mag up and buy it or click their online article. They get paid and you are supplied with a diet that is often bog standard and littered with non-factual methods.

The art of treating yourself is something that must be mastered in order to live a fulfilled and happy life. To do this you need to understand some basic misconceptions within the fitness industry and dieting world :

1. Forget about ‘cheat days’

We aren’t saying to take a weekly cheat day and gorge on every sugar coated snack you can get your hands on. The glamourized ‘cheat day’ is hyped up and put out there as if it’s normal to smash two Big Macs, a sharing nugget box, 2 large fries and a milkshake every Saturday. But it’s not and is quite often not what the people who are uploading this content are doing either.

It’s misguided to think that your favourite YouTuber constantly does this. He or she does this to produce content that their following will watch. There’s nothing wrong with this but it is often misunderstood as being the norm.

2. If you’re genuinely unhappy, change something

Many people will prep their plain chicken with broccoli and rice for the week and can be seen on their lunch break miserable as sin with their bland meal. This also topped off with the fact they didn’t have breakfast as they are intermittently fasting also. (Another fad diet).

You must first decide whether, honestly, you are giving up early and just can’t be bothered to eat healthy. This is where you need to harden up and get through it for a while.

If you find yourself in this position then you must change something. Sticking to a healthy lifestyle is fantastic and we are all for it. But spice it up a bit. Experiment with healthy recipes, add some sauce and flavour to the meal. You will be much more successful with a tub of a well prepped and cared for meal at lunch that you look forward to and losing weight at a slightly slower rate than with your plain chicken that you throw away on the second week to go grab a subway.

3. Grab that Subway!

Well not just Subway but you get our point. Its been a month since you went ‘off track’ and accidentally ordered that large pepperoni pizza with mozzarella sticks and your friends suggest to go out for lunch, go out and get that lunch. You can stay boring your whole life and only eat clean food. You’ll either A) be miserable or B) break your diet completely and reverse all your good work.

You don’t need to demonise food in order to get results. You need to understand that your goal may be reached slightly slower than planned. But if you can get your head around this and know you might need to put an extra 10 minutes in at the gym for the next few days, then why not?

Life is here to be lived not loathed.

I think you get our point. There is no need to live your life under such strict rules and regulations if you don’t need to. Yes still maintain a healthy diet and keep your gym routine consistent. But also have fun with it. This way you are so much more likely to adhere to your lifestyle and make incremental changes that will lead you towards your goal.

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