Why the healthy snack industry could be their own worst enemy

The healthy snack industry is an ever growing market that is quickly becoming over saturated in recent times. Think back to 10 years ago, how many brightly coloured protein brands were filling the supermarket shelves? Or did you ever believe there would be snickers slapped with the ‘protein’ label to masquerade itself as a ‘healthy choice’. We know they aren’t preaching to be healthy as a brand ‘technically’ but we all know what they’re playing at.

I know many of you will be quick to say well what’s wrong with more healthy snacks and foods flooding into the market? Well, nothing……yet. But with the number of eating disorders and bad relationships with food on the rise in recent years, it could be in the near future that either restrictions are placed on these foods or self-imposed reluctance causes the healthy snack bubble to burst.

You may be confused on why there could be restrictions placed on your favourite shakes and bars but it’s fairly simple. More and more young people are purchasing these products with no real education on what they’re for and how to use them in supplementation to a healthy diet. All whilst being pushed them by their favourite influencer, who doesn’t actually use them but loves a fat wad of cash in their back pocket in return for a white lie. And this can often lead some younger people to think they should just eat bars all day rather than whole foods or drink green tea for a week and nothing else. This can be very harmful and dangerous leading young people down the route of an unhealthy relationship with food in the long-term. So why not put a restriction up? The argument is that parents can still buy these for their kids. Well, so be it. They can then choose whether it’s suitable to do so. Much like with movies and video games that are often 15/18+ and are bought for 12 year olds because the parent makes that choice and can at least manage the situation. Therefore, for obvious reasons this would kill some of the healthy snack brands’ revenue streams slightly.

Alongside this, with the plethora of bars, brownies, flapjacks, shakes and whatever else are being pumped into the market often with an increasing list of ingredients, you may find that people will become tired of this. Having to look through ingredients lists to decide whether to purchase something or not which can be very tedious and time-consuming. This may go on to lead back towards a traditional whole-food approach to diets. At least this is more common ground and often more easily manageable.

Now while there always will be an enticing element of convenience in this snack market for our ever increasingly busy lives but this doesn’t mean that many companies wont still see revenues fall. And whilst making profit, this would most likely be nowhere near the unimaginable sums that are currently being made.

Consumers will become tired of shelling out £25 every two weeks for a box of protein bars and even the ridiculous prices of close to £100 for 8 servings of protein powder.

So whilst we don’t have a crystal ball, be sure that these brands would be wise take warning from this. And we wont be surprised when the volume of different products on certain protein company sites begin to scale back to a large extent. We’re looking at you MyProtein.

What are your thoughts on this?

Let us know in the comments below!

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