The Big 501 deadlift debate

Strongman competitors in general are big softies at heart and couple their huge power and size with a genuine nice guy personality. However, its not always plain sailing as is evident with the most recent developments between Britain’s own Eddie Hall and the Icelandic mountain Thor Bjornsson. As we know Eddie Hall holds world record for the deadlift at 500kg. Now Eddie himself has named Thor as possibly the guy to take the record and stated he will shake his hand and congratulate him as he knows how hard the achievement is.

HOWEVER. With the recent lockdown being put in place across many countries, Thor can now not attempt this lift at the intended competition. Well that has clearly irked the Icelandic who has now decided to go ahead with the lift at his home gym whilst having a certified strongman referee and former legend of the sport Magnus Ver Magnusson to judge a good lift. This is planned to be streamed for the world to see. But this is very iffy.

Rewind 3 years to Worlds Strongest Man 2017. Eddie Hall wins the competition to fulfil his lifetime goal. But with Thor being unsporting and clearly unhappy with the outcome as he believes events were fixed in Eddie’s favour. The event in question being the Viking Press. Essentially an overhead press in which Thor used the wrong form and made the lift easier on certain reps by double dipping. (Don’t get too bogged down in what this actually is). It’s incorrect form that is clearly stated to not be allowed in the event. Thor is disallowed a rep. Eddie goes out and beats the target set by Thor. (With a lengthy amount of time left might we add, so he clearly could have done a few more if needed). Thor then unhappy with this chooses to try and intimidate the refs. A second ref is called in and actually claims he would have disallowed a few more of Thor’s reps. But all in all, the rep is rightly disallowed. This ref? Magnus Ver Magnusson.

So overall a ref who Thor clearly doesn’t agree with and has since stated in the recent days was fixed in Eddie’s favour, is now going to judge a world record deadlift attempt. See the iffiness?

What’s your opinion? Shouldn’t Thor just wait for the next available competition and take the extra time to fine tune and potentially put a couple extra kg on the bar to make to attempt even more impressive?

Let us know in the comments below!

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