Is the influencer impact starting to dwindle?

Influencers largely divide opinion in the modern society we live in. Some people rely on them and love to keep up to date with everything they do. Some despise everything an influencer is and refuse to take notice of them. (As much as they can anyway). Now and influencer can be many people including sports stars by technicality as they influence the things you do and purchases you make. But here we are more focusing on the influencers who have no real skill at all. They are popular by circumstance and not through overriding skill and talent that has been built up over many years.

You know the ones we mean.

These influencers are often promoting, with their #ad, health and beauty products towards their followers. And more often than not they are marketing to young people. They may boast a small amount of variety in age scale of followers but the companies and the influencer both know the most impressionable audience. Young people. This is a big position of power for obvious reasons.

But is this pulling power starting to fade? Year on year it seems people are more and more wise to what influencers are doing. Now Instagram’s rules on needing to make it clear what is and ad and what isn’t. But the meaning of this can be lost on some people who may choose to ignore or turn a blind eye to this. However, largely the products they are flogging on behalf of these companies are of a lower scale in terms of the company size. And this is increasingly obvious. Is this having any real affect on the purchases of these products?

Now lets not miscommunicate here. Brand deals will always be there and are a great way to advertise with people such as YouTubers, sports stars, singers etc. But when an Instagrammer who goes on holiday 3 times a year and does nothing but advertise products to you to make a living, is this in touch with the average person? Is there genuine respect there? Now lots of these people are most likely genuinely nice people who are trying to make a living. But in reality when there’s no actual skill there people can see through what’s going on. And do they really deserve to be in this position.

Many people will aspire to be this because they see the ‘easy’ life and wont anticipate potential trolling and unwanted attention from the public. This is dangerous to put normal people straight into this spotlight. So we believe that more people will start to see through this as influencer impact drops and begins to fizzle out

Could we begin to see a day where 1 million Instagram followers doesn’t actually mean anything financially if there’s no skills or effort behind it?

Let us know your opinion in the comments below!

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