Is the fate of the fitness industry changing forever?

Whilst many jobs and hobbies have been put on hold in this lockdown we’re facing in the U.K and many countries around the world, the fitness industry has seemed to come out in droves of support. With people now more bored than ever in certain circumstances, they are beginning to find new hobbies to take up. Surprisingly getting fit whilst staying indoors is a big one. More and more companies and famous faces are live streaming free workout sessions to follow along with in their front room with no fancy pants equipment. This is a brilliant idea and is a way to keep people getting some structure to their day and staying or getting fit whilst they have this undeterminable amount of time on their hands.

On one hand this is an all-round win for the fitness industry. More people taking an interest in their own health will likely increase gym memberships (and the amount in the owners pockets might we add). But really it will benefit the industry and help to tackle the obesity problem we face in these times. People haven’t seemed to understand in the modern day that even getting a half hour slice of exercise a day will help prevent obesity and keep you healthier. So maybe this could be the turning point? When people suddenly have the epiphany that taking this time out every day or every other day isn’t so bad after all. This really would be a massive plus of these strange and awful times.

However in the same breathe could this kill the physical attendance gyms? Think about it. With many people now realising there is life beyond the gym and feeling they can get just as good of a sweat on at home or simply going for a run are they really going to want to go back to paying money for a gym? Many parents may now decide that it’s easier to stay at home with their kids and do a quick exercise than leaving the house. Although some of this is based on the fact that these live streams are still carried on post-lockdown. Which we believe is the virtually untapped market that fitness professionals will look to keep on top of. Then there is also the people that are not gym-bunnies in the slightest and after only being on their new years resolution for 2 or so months this year, may think they can be bothered for exercise without the stimulus of paying for a gym.

But with all slight negatives comes a positive and with the online exercise sessions on the rise this could lead personal trainers to begin to branch further into the business of online coaching and home sessions via video chat. Surely this is a more economical way of getting contact and an hour of a client’s time then moving straight onto the next within seconds? Therefore, potentially giving the business of self-employed personal trainers an extra string to their bow.

So all in all, gym memberships could fall but the amount of people exercising could increase? Doesn’t seem like the worst outcome aye? And who knows with all these people taking up running now, could the new Mo Farah be coming up the ranks for Team GB?

What are your thoughts on this?

Let us know in the comments below!

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