Brian Shaw to form Strongman governing body?

Amidst all the controversy surrounding the breaking and setting of ‘Official World Records’ during this lockdown we face, there has been one shining light that could come to be a major positive to take.

With Eddie Hall and Thor going back and forth with some other strongmen weighing in with their opinion on the matter none other seems to make such an impact as when Brian Shaw (4x WSM) chose to sit down in front of the camera and have his say on the matter. The American strongman did his best at putting across an unbiased opinion and laying down the facts when it comes to this current scenario. Whilst he is well known to have a good relationship with Eddie he did not let this cloud his judgement and rightly stated that if this record is allowed to stand then where does it end in the future? As future strongmen may then choose to do this outside of competition when they feel they are at maximum performance. Which may completely kill the sport.

Without the need to attend live competitions to break the records such as Eddie did in the Deadlift Championships in 2016, then participation could start to decline rapidly. With all of this confusion and lack of a leading voice with the authoritative power to approve and reject certain claims and attempts within the sport of Strongman then it could start to become chaotic. The silver lining within this is that Shaw himself said maybe he would look to form a governing body once he chooses to retire.

And what better man to do this?

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