My Top 5 : Leg exercises (home edition)

Legs. Probably the least liked day at the gym across the country. There’s nothing worse than waking up and feeling like a robot as you walk stiff legged to go brush your teeth. Some people may say there’s nothing better! However, lets get straight to it!

5. The Calf raise

This is a funny one as you may be quite bemused as to how this is really done at home but to be honest it’s quite easy. You stand still with feet only slightly apart and extend your feet so you are almost on your toes. Feel that burn in the calf? No. Well then next rep make sure you really focus on the contraction of your calf. This is an area often neglected by the typical gym bro but is still vital in your arsenal of leg muscles.

You can progress this move by holding something heavy whilst doing it to help with some progressive overload*.

* Progressive overload – Gradual increase in stress on muscles to stimulate improvement.

4. The Squat (obviously)

We wont ramble on too much about this one as we know you have all heard of it. And if not then go ahead an check out our Quick Fire Guide that walks you through it step by step.

Start this by using just your bodyweight and progress this by holding some weight whilst doing it.

3. The Bridge

This is a strange looking one but trust us its worth it. A relatively low skill exercise that can be easily performed by anyone. The image above shows the finishing stage of the exercise. Start this by having a bend at your hips so your close to touching the ground and then thrust through to reach the finishing point.

This one will help improve your glutes and hamstrings as well as your core muscles including your abdominals and lower back too.

2. The Wall-Sit

The wall sit is a huge challenge even for some more advanced gym go-ers. It is a test of both physical and mental strength. Being an isometric exercise it will really help build some endurance into your leg muscles such as the quads, calves and on the glutes.

This could be suggested as being a good one for the end of a workout to be the burner to finish off your workout for the day.

1. The Split Squat

We included this one in our overall best exercises to incorporate into you home workout during this lockdown and we spoke you through it Step By Step. We love this exercise and you will definitely feel it for a few days after.

What are your favourite leg exercises?

Let u know in the comments below!

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