Grenade : An honest review

We’ve mentioned Grenade protein products before in articles such as our post on Easy Swaps. But this goliath of the industry aren’t the be all and end all of the protein world by any means. So here we look to give you a simplistic and fair view of the brand that took the market by storm when it exploded on the scene. (pun very much intended)

When it comes to bars there are not many that can match them. Their ‘carb killa’ range quite literally has something for everyone. Ranging from a cool mint dark chocolate to the birthday cake bar. They don’t fail to impress on taste, there will always be flavours you don’t like as much but that’s the same as anything so we can’t mark them down there. And as you probably know from our Choco-Protein Porridge recipe that their spread is pretty spot on. So we won’t bore you with the gushiness. But in short these are very nice. Their price at £2.50 a bar can seem slightly steep but there are always deals that can be found around and for £7 for a jar of the spread we don’t think this is too bad considering the massive lack of sugar but still high quality of taste and texture.

Let’s move onto some other areas of their product range.

The pre-made shakes are quite honestly some of the best protein/milk based drinks we have ever had. They contain a good amount of protein and again a nice low sugar stat to boast of too. Now in terms of economical they are slightly high again. Getting 8 for £19.49 doesn’t really seem realistic. Basically £80 a month on protein? There are a lot more viable options than this. But as a treat on a random day they make a nice change.

They have recently came out with their own energy drink. In our opinion it is a bit of a dressed up version of your classic Red Bull and Monster. Peppering in some BCAAs and electrolytes is a great idea in theory but with the saturation of this market being in the state it is with big name players such as Relentless, Emerge and of course the two prior mentioned brands being so popular already it’s hard to imagine this is doing very well as a drink or will be around for much longer beyond the next few years. Along with this the amount of extremely cheap own brands by supermarkets these days it’s not likely many will make the swap. But they have made the effort to stand out from the crowd so who knows. But if it is a success is it not more likely that Red Bull and co will make their own BCAA versions?

The biscuits are quite literally brilliant. They combine the protein, crunch and chocolatey goodness needed to sub in when having your tea or coffee. We recommend they are bought as a every other day item or maybe a weekly treat due to the price point they chosen. So they are well worth the buy but on a more sporadic basis.

When you move into their sport range we must concede we have not tried it all but we still wish to pass some comments. The BCAA powder which has been tried by us is very sweet but very good to spice up your plain water in your gym sessions. So this is definitely one to consider. With their own powders we feel they are just way out of touch with the pricing across the rest of the market. £98 for 23 servings? Making it around £4.20 every time you have a shake? Now yes this is for the mass gainer which are usually more expensive but not always affordable for your average person.

A large amount of this range is pill based things claiming to help with fat loss and help improve your bodies ability to increase muscle mass and strength. We are not experts in this area but we tend to verge on the side of caution. So here we won’t give a verdict from this without proper expert advice.

Lastly is there clothing range. Which generally looks like fairly high quality stuff with effort put into it. However, it maybe hasn’t taken off as much as they had hoped.


Overall we would say that Grenade are a very good protein brand and are quite clearly positioning themselves at the higher end. So in reality there’s nothing wrong with having a slightly pricey structure as they do tend to back it up with the quality given. However, they would do well to consider whether to slim down their product line to concentrate on their main players and cut the costs of production to help make it more affordable for the consumer.

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