Top 5 : Home fitness equipment

Before beginning this post we would like to make it clear as a disclaimer that we have no affiliation with any products and are merely pointing you in the right direction of products you can buy from most fitness brands on the market.

5. Ab wheel

This one is a tough piece of equipment to get accustomed to but is certainly an ideal piece of home workout equipment to add to your collection. These are small wheels with handles either side to hold onto and use to strengthen your core. This will include your lower back, abdominals and also help to target your lats. Due to its small size it’s also easy to store!

4. Grip strength trainer

The grip strength trainer can be considered to be slightly out of date but it is still a worth while piece of equipment to use. They are portable and easy to utilise whilst doing other things like watching tv at the same time. The forearm is often an under appreciated area of the body that can be neglected by the modern gym goer so it is a great tool to help your physique stand out as well. They are also a relatively cheap piece of equipment to buy.

3. Dumbbells

Now this might seem a bit obvious but since the gyms have had to shut due to our current circumstances we face, it feels a bit annoying that some of us hadn’t already bought these for emergency home use. Now the few people that have got their hands on some or already had some from years gone by, seem as though they are geniuses. The average set of dumbbells whilst seeming a bit more expensive, considering your gym membership costs less, are actually a useful thing for when you can’t quite make it to the gym for whatever reason. And you can improvise most upper body exercises with this to give yourself a balanced workout.

2. Foam Roller

The foam roller. Seems like a bit of a confusing yoga equipment that you want to steer clear of at first. But when you understand that actually the foam roller is essentially the economical version of a deep tissue massage then it begins to become more clear why it’s worth investing in. Now we’re not saying that this is as good as a deep tissue massage as we would never insult the professionals who offer these services. However when you can’t afford the proper service then this can be a worthy substitute. You can use this to help increase blood flow into your muscle tissue to boost the recovery process. It can also be utilised before a workout as increased blood flow will allow for an efficient warm up helping to prep the muscles for movement in exercise. Again they are easily portable and we feel make a noticeable difference to decrease muscle soreness.

1. Resistance bands

This piece just had to take the top spot. Whilst it seems to be that resistance bands are now getting the attention and accolade they deserve, we feel this gem has been left uncovered for too long. They can be used as a little bit of warm up prep before a workout or used as accessory movements around your main lifts too. They are also good for keeping your time under tension high for various exercises and provide little risk of injury. These bands can more or less cover the majority of body parts, so getting a balanced workout is fairly easy. Again they are a relatively inexpensive piece of kit and are easily stored as are most on this list.

Any we missed?

Be sure to let us know!

Any terms you may be confused about then be sure to check out our Gym Dictionary for a simple explanation of them!

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