Confessions of a Carb eater

Carbohydrates are demonised as the most evil sin within all dieting in the modern day. The success of the Keto Diet is largely built around this. Whilst the Keto diet has been promoted by some as the way forward.

What is the Keto diet really?

The keto diet is based on the premise of eating as close to zero carbohydrates in your diet as possible and eating high amount of fats. To put it as simple as possible the diet aims to get your body to rely on fat as main energy source rather than carbs. So by restricting carbs your body will begin to use the fat stored in your body as energy. This will release ketone bodies into your blood to substitute for the fact that there isn’t enough glucose. Therefore, you will theoretically be burning the fat stored on your body, causing you to lose weight.

This can be dangerous for diabetics, causing ketoacidosis potentially causing a coma or death. So we advise you speak to a medical professional before starting this diet.

What’s the catch?

There have been accounts commonly of then first two weeks being rather difficult to get through and causing side effects such as :

  • headaches
  • confusion
  • muscle soreness
  • dizziness

(amongst others). Then it is said that after these two weeks you begin to feel amazing.

However a lot of these accounts come from people who have tried it. Not always health professionals who have conducted studies on the matter. In terms of long-term implications it isn’t fully known which is always slightly worrying. And whilst this can be good as well, what has been suggested is an increase in apoB lipoproteins that can contribute to arteries becoming clogged. It is also unknown as to whether the quick weight loss can be attributed to genuine fat loss or a large amount of water loss that carbs, that were there, held in them. This is as there are around 3g of water retained for every 1g of carb stored in the body.

So overall the Keto diet, like any diet, can be pointed at and called dangerous and brilliant depending on the party doing the pointing.

This is why we felt the need to post this. As the Keto diet as risen up in the modern society as a revolutionary answer to weight loss and how life should really be lived due to the many accusations made against carbs. However, this diet can be very restrictive. As we know, many fruit and veg have carbs in them as well as natural sugars. So it can be limiting in what you eat which we feel is never a good option. The optimal diet has a vast amount of diversity when it comes to many different fruit and veg alongside meat, fish and the correct hydration.

It sounds so cliché but what’s wrong with a balanced diet like we were told to do as children? Why as soon as we grow up do we throw that out of the window and look for the quick fix. The rule of thumb should be, maintain a diet with variety and look to slightly boost your protein intake around this to compensate for your gym regime and help your body recover. Then of course if its your birthday and you want a slice of cake or its Christmas and someone offers you an extra pig in blanket then why not say yes?

Enjoying life is something that must be considered too. Now obviously don’t order a takeaway a few times a week and wonder why you’re not losing weight. But that’s just a bit of common sense.

Although when has the diet industry been based around common sense?

The most annoying thing is when you see a diet that claims for you to eat anything you want all day every day and still lose weight. It just isn’t viable. Sometimes we need to suck it up and eat some carrots and broccoli with our evening meal. Even if it’s not our favourite thing.

Carbs are the primary source of energy to the brain and have their benefits such as allowing our bodies to utilise a slow release source of energy throughout the day. Fibre, which is a carb, is shown to be massively under consumed in the U.K and has positive impacts on our cholesterol.

So next time someone spouts off about carbs being the devil, just take it with a pinch of salt.

What’s your opinion on carbs? Good, bad, ugly?

Let us know in the comments below!

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