How to burn extra calories

So you’ve wrapped up your session at the gym and your smart watch estimates you’ve burned about 420 calories. (Lets not rely on these too much as they can be inaccurate but as a general guide they’re a useful tool). You eat the three traditional meals every day and have a low calorie protein bar as a snack. But your body is refusing to shed any weight from doing this consistently, despite having been on a good trajectory of steady weight loss before hand. What’s going wrong?

Well simply put your calorie intake is too high. The calories you are consuming are outweighing the amount you are burning off. You eat healthy on a consistent basis whilst giving yourself the odd treat every now and again. (Which we all deserve and should not live our lives in fear of a sweet treat). Ideally you don’t want to have to reduce your calorie intake any further as you feel it will be unsustainable.

So what can you do to help yourself in this situation?

You can increase the calories you burn through unplanned activity. This is basically the calories you burn walking from your desk to the toilet, for example. So the aim here is to begin chipping away at your fat loss goal by increasing this daily stat. You will be surprised how much it can help make a difference. So next time you head off for the gym, consider walking there. If its realistic. Or when you need to head into town. Why not walk?

Your catchphrase at this point should always be ‘Why not walk?’. And if you cant justify to yourself why you shouldn’t walk somewhere then you should be off and out on your own two legs! After all we all take this luxury for granted so it wouldn’t hurt us to give it some more value.

By doing as much as you can to stay more active throughout regular activities in your life you will be able to make small margins that help you on your way to weight loss goals. So when you’ve got a boxset going on Sunday evening, why not get that stack of ironing done? I mean it’s nothing strenuous but as the great analogy goes, it hits two birds with one stone. You burn a few extra calories and you’ve been productive and got that tedious job done whilst binging on your favourite series. WIN-WIN.

This has to be a consistent and patient habit to build as admittedly this is small chunks of calories being burnt but they soon add up! If you now find yourself doing this and still not making any progress then you need to take a hard look at your diet and begin to be really honest with yourself about your eating choices no matter how healthy you think you’re being. You can find help with this in our post about how using a food diary can aid you in your journey.

It’s also important to remember that the natural amount of calories your body burns a day decreases as you become lighter, meaning your calories burned will also naturally decrease overtime when losing weight!

Let us know the other creative ways you get your extra calories burned!

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