How to control your eating habits

Obesity is a huge problem nowadays. But even your most unsuspecting person can struggle with controlling eating habits, you just might not know it. The battle against the cream cake and chocolate bar is a worldwide fight. Some find it easier than others. Now whilst it’s great to have a treat and we are massive ambassadors of this – evident in our article about learning to treat yourself.

Keep reading on to find some useful tips on how to help beat your ‘bad’ habits. We say bad like this because you shouldn’t kill yourself over a Mars bar on that one random Friday night 3 months ago, this is not a habit but can be perceived to be and often is over scrutinised. But we do say this as for some people its like an urge you just can’t beat which might be something to work on.

Dedicate time for sweet treats

(We are going to refer to sweet treats here rather than all junk food just for some continuity. The same principles can be applied across all unhealthy foods, whatever is your weakness.)

Dedicating time can be a really useful element and whilst it sounds boring, it can be a good way to structure eating and help to prevent massively overdoing it. We know how it goes. The celebrations come out and offered round the workplace and you’ve sunk your hand in to fish for a Malteser one. They’re the best ones don’t deny it. But then you’ve gone back another 4 times in the last two hours and the calories are starting to mount up. So how about say to yourself, your lunch hour can be when you’ll have a chocolate bar or maybe a couple of celebrations. This way at least your extra calories that aren’t particularly nutritionally dense, have been structured to help stop overeating. This may sound very basic but it can massively help your mindset if you at least know there will be time for something sweet rather than going cold turkey from the get go.

This would be good for someone just starting to improve their eating choices and maybe have failed at doing so in the past.

Use a food diary

Now while we’re not in the business of counting your calories and becoming stressed about it for no reason, using a food diary can be beneficial in controlling eating habits. If you are so bothered about working in some treats to your eating plan then why not begin to plan and count your calories? This will allow you to work in your protein target and make sure there is some extra calories for the treat you want. This could help you to realise your portion sizes are just a tad too big! It will also allow you to not feel guilty when eating these foods as you know you have planned to fit into the calories you are consuming each day to lose weight. It is probably more likely that you plan in treats once every other day or every few days so not to cause your thinking to become complacent on the fact that you can eat whatever you want whenever you want. This strategic planning may help you to stick to a healthier way of eating in the long term and then when Christmas rolls around you can rest assured of the fact that you know you will be able to control your eating and lose weight again when the New Year hits!

Employ a Personal Trainer

Not all Personal Trainers (PTs) are good. Like with everything, there are the ones who are dedicated and take a true interest in all of their clients journeys and there’s the ones who want your money and won’t put in the time to help you outside of your gym session. (We hope you never have to experience the latter). Take your time and get to know some PTs that you think would suit you and start to understand their background/qualifications. Once you find one suitable and with a good knowledge of food then use them to help you with your eating. They will have seen a lot of different scenarios in the past and understand the struggles you are facing. It is most likely they will be able to steer you away from the errors and misconceptions their previous clients have made too! This can help you gain an understanding of what to do and what not to do so you can really get to grips with the healthy lifestyle you are striving for! Everyone has their own experiences and ways of structuring eating and as long as you are open minded, they might just work for you too. However, note that all body’s are different and just because your PT sticks all their clients on the same diet that doesn’t mean it will work for you. Carbs aren’t the devil! So be mindful of monitoring your own progress too, whilst giving it a chance.

We understand that not everyone can afford a PT so give our first two recommendations a go first before moving on to this!

What are you recommendations when trying to get your eating habits under control?

Let us know in the comments below!

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