The World’s Heaviest Boxing Match

Photo from Coresports

After Thor Bjornsson pulled his the ‘Gym WR’ deadlift at 501 on May 2nd he immediately proceeded to call out his long time rival Eddie Hall to a boxing match. This might not have come as massive shock to some as there have been whispers of this for a few months now. Regardless, this is big news.

Being dubbed the World’s Heaviest Boxing Match – this event will guarantee a big draw. With Eddie Hall on the up in mainstream media since his WSM victory in 2017 and Thor with his largely Game Of Thrones fans, the tickets won’t stick around for very long. It has been lined up for Las Vegas in 2021 which is likely to be towards the end of the year with September currently being advertised. This will largely be down to uncertainties around travel restrictions relating to the situation we currently find ourselves in. As well as this it would have to be respected that both men need adequate time to train. The sport of Strongman requires dedication like no other and it is undoubted that both men will put the same energy into training for this battle. Or at least that’s what Eddie Hall has said himself when he featured on the True Geordie podcast soon after the 501 was pulled.

Not only is there disagreements over the legitimacy of Thor’s 501 official world record claim which we discussed in the Big 501 Deadlift Debate, the fuel behind Eddie’s fire to win comes back to the cheat allegations made by Thor that ‘put a dark cloud over Eddie’s WSM win in 2017’ as he told whilst featuring on prior mentioned podcast. This is understandable as it is well documented that Hall dedicated a large portion of his adult life to reaching that achievement and put a lot of his personal life and own well being in jeopardy to do so. So for someone to flood negativity into the media about this, is quite clearly not good sportsmanship. Which is the opposite of what the Strongman game has become known as. Whilst there have been great rivalries such as Kazmaier-Capes and Shaw-Big Z, that boost the intensity and excitement of the sport, they have always maintained a level of respect. This is seen throughout the sport with many competitors cheering each other on. So it could be said that Thor has ostracised himself in this way by making such claims.

Further details have yet to be revealed but one thing is for certain. Both men will need to slim down. Whilst they will both possess great cardiovascular endurance the quality needed to last, what is likely to be 6 boxing rounds at 3 minutes each, will be something neither man is fully used to. So, yes it will still be the world’s heaviest boxing match but they will definitely be in excellent condition.

This will definitely be one to not miss.

As more news surrounding this emerges we will look to update you.

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