Why protein shakes are the only supplement you need

Supplements are massively over-relied on and should be treated as their name suggests, to supplement the diet. Quite often you can find that they ARE the diet in some respects and here we want to show you why protein shakes are pretty much the only supplement you need – but don’t have to have!

Protein shakes are brilliant. With the industry booming there are now more options than ever when it comes to the ultimate recovery drink. If you don’t like or can’t have milk then there are great water based options from companies such as myprotein and myoband that provides fruity and more unique flavours when you’re bored of the general chocolate, banana, strawberry varieties. However, if you like the thick milky choices then there is also many out there and with some twists on them too but often harder to find at times. Probably one of the most unique ones we have seen was a cherry Bakewell flavour from xplosiveape. Although there have since been other companies to also offer this flavour and we’re not quite sure who, technically, was the original company behind the idea. So please forgive us if we are wrong here! We don’t currently have any affiliations to these companies so please be aware there are of course other brands out there.

Back to the point. You can go into health shops nowadays and pretty much get a supplement for anything and everything you can imagine. While this is great, we feel you should most likely only supplement when recommended by a qualified medical professional such as your GP or a certified nutritionist. It must be remembered that often, for the average person, what you are supplementing you can get from wholefoods. There a few exceptions that are harder to get in good enough quantities such as Vitamin D when the sun is not out so much at certain times of the year. There are of course other examples but this is one of the most obvious.

We believe that you should really forget a lot of these supplements and save your money. It will no doubt save you a lot of money in the long run. Instead focus more on protein shakes to enhance your workouts. Why? As protein shakes are great to help your body to recover before your next training session as well as taking advantage of the increased amount of protein synthesis after working out. They offer a great convenience as they are easily consumed on the go as well as being a quick method to boost your protein intake for the day. However, there is the question that actually protein shakes for the amount of servings they provide can often be expensive. We totally agree. However, it isn’t always convenient to whip out a Tupperware with some cooked chicken breast and broccoli in it after a workout. So this is where the protein shake provides its use. Furthermore, if you live the lifestyle where you can easily eat prepped food after every exercise then by all means save some money. Chances are, the rate of digestion between food and a shake won’t differ too much to harm your recovery massively. It can be different for athletes as nutrient timing is imperative for their career!

So really, if you are looking to spend your money on any sort of supplement out of choice (to enhance workouts), then make it a protein shake. It is so easy to get caught up in all of the advertisement of supplements that you can get a bit carried away with every single vitamin pill there is at the checkout!

If you’re conscious that your diet isn’t really up to scratch then why not turn to a qualified nutritionist rather than a quick fix multivitamin being sold online? While nutritionist’s advice and a meal plan may not be cheap, surely spending a one off payment on this would be more beneficial? It will allow you to be ‘in the know’ when it comes to your diet and getting the appropriate amount of vitamins and minerals each day and allow your body to function efficiently. Rather than having to guess constantly with a bag full of supplements!

So the message here is, invest in your body as it will pay off in the long-term BUT invest in the right way with advice and help from suitably qualified people. Yeah sure you yourself can decide to have protein shakes or not but when it comes to the vitamin A pills – perhaps let your nutritionist advise you first! It may save you a heap of money on recurring payments at Holland and Barrett!

As we said before, if you have been advised by a medical professional to take a certain supplement please do not stop taking them based on this article! This is aimed at the mis-consumption of supplements NOT THE CORRECT CONSUMPTION!

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