Myprotein clear whey isolate – an honest review

Myprotein is probably one of the most well-known and affordable protein brands on the market right now. They have a vast array of different product lines on offer giving most people an opportunity to find something they like.

Having tried the Myoband oblivion range I was intrigued to see how the Myprotein equivalent stacked up against it. So I gave it a firm go by purchasing the brilliant sample pack that gives a selection of their different flavours on offer.

Here’s how I rated them out of 10 :

  • Peach Tea 7/10 ; Nowhere near as bland as I expected and an easy daily flavour
  • Mojito 6/10 ; Massively surprised with this one as to how nice it was but I feel a whole tub may get old quick
  • Rainbow candy 3/10 ; Too ‘out there’ of a flavour to have daily – not for me this one
  • Orange & Mango 10/10 ; Excellent flavour, repeatable and nearly unmatched (could be seen as a bit basic but it’s needed to buy a whole tub
  • Cranberry and Raspberry 1/10 ; Too sweet and tastes very artificial
  • Mango & Coconut 9/10 ; Very nice, coconut very subtle to add some uniqueness to the flavour combo – could commit to a whole tub of this
  • Bitter Lemon 6/10 ; Better than expected but nothing to write home about

There are more flavours that I didn’t receive a sample of and there are some new ones recently released too! However, as you can see from this rundown Mango & Coconut and Orange & Mango are the real stand-outs in terms of being a safe bet if you want a full tub straight away.

I ended up opting for the Orange & Mango and am pretty happy so far. It hasn’t got old and is a nice refreshing change to the typical milk based shakes. This is definitely a winner if you want to keep your calories low with 83kcal per serving (80 of which are straight from the protein) and a nice 20g hit of protein. This could be a good choice on a ‘cut’ but equally when trying to ‘bulk’ too and not wanting to get too full and keep fitting the meals in! It is fairly light on the stomach due to it being water-based and is a good way to keep your hydrations levels up too.

Let’s breakdown the pricing :

For 35 servings it is £35.82 so ever so slightly over £1 per serving which isn’t too bad. As well as this, Myprotein always have discount codes often found with their many sponsored athletes. This will usually be around 30% off meaning you save around £10 on this product.

So this works it out to about 80p per serving. Which is very good value for money.

So to sum up, this is well worth a try as a good alternative to milk based protein especially if you want to lower your calorie count and maintain your protein levels!

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